In 2006 I co-edited Communication as…: Perspectives on Theory with Gregory J. Shepherd and Jeffrey St. John.  The book was published by Sage Publications and has been used extensively in undergraduate and graduate communication theory courses.  In addition to the introduction, which my co-editors and I authored, the book contains a chapter by me on “Communication as Translation.”

That same year I also co-edited a special issue of the journal Cultural Studies, with the University of Iowa’s Kembrew McLeod.  It explored the politics of intellectual properties. Because we believe strongly in open access, Kembrew and I negotiated with the journal’s publisher to release the complete contents of the issue freely on the internet.  You can download it here, in the form of one complete PDF.

Back in 1998 I edited another special issue of Cultural Studies, on the institutionalization of that field.  The introduction was my first scholarly publication.  It laid the groundwork for my interest in the politics of academic labor, especially academic publishing— topics I continue to write about.

Please consult my vita to learn about the other scholarly articles I published in the late 1990s and early 2000s.